Developer and Publishing Options
FreshGames Unique Partnership Models
FreshGames offers a unique partnership model that empowers and financially motivates talented developers. If you’re looking to partner with a developer-centric publishing company, designed to maximize returns and increase revenues for your company... here’s your opportunity!
Do you have a great game
and need a Publisher?
  • Access to unique licensing opportunities
  • PR and marketing services
  • Beta and focus testing
  • Game fine-tuning assistance
  • Publishing across multiple gaming platforms
    & networks
  • Attractive royalty structure
Are you a seriously
talented developer?
  • Exciting game projects waiting for the right talent
  • Financing and partnership deal structures
  • Additional development resources
  • 1st party development using FreshGames IP
  • Attractive royalty structure
If you’re a Developer specializing in Facebook,
Social Games, or Social Mobile Games, we’d
like to hear from you. Contact us here.
After submitting a game, our publishing crew carefully evaluates each submission around specific criteria. These 5 areas include: gameplay, visual presentation, innovation, market viability and cross-platform potential. If your title scores highly after our evaluation, we will contact you.
We’re excited about your ideas & eager to hear from you!
Contact us!